Repository Configuration

For our sample repository, we create a path that matches our local standard repository configurations.

# mkdir -p /var/repos
# chown root:_hippo /var/repos

Adding a New Repository

To add a new host to the repository

  • Create the necessary path
  • Push updates from the client

Create the necessary path

Create the path, and then initialise the GIT repository within the path.

# mkdir /var/repos/hostname.git
# cd /var/repos/hostname.git
# git init --bare --shared=group

Note that the –shared=group uses the keyword group, not the group-name used for the server user/group.

If you are new to Git, it will be useful to edit the repo file ./description which is a short-line summary of the contents of the repo. This is used in tools such as GitWeb.

Push updates from the client.

On the client host:

To get our data across from the client to the server, we hippo push

$ hippo push username@server:/var/repos/hostname.git master