Because Hippo is a thin-layer on top of git, many of it’s commands have equivalents in Hippo, as well as the standard Git command-line still being relevant for interrogating, reviewing the Hippo repository. Simplified maintenance, monitoring include:

  1. Review repository
  2. Standardised Commits
  3. Flash onto new host

1. Review Repository

[Ref: git-clone ]

A Hippo repository is just a Git repo, with a bit of added structure. You can check out a hippo repository using Git, and inspect or even modify the included files and metadata log:

git clone aldo@remotehost:repo

2. Standardised Commits

[Ref: git-config ]

Commit Templates provide a framework for consistent documentation to be included with each commit. You can use git’s built-in commit template functionality with hippo.

First, create the template file - in this example: /etc/hippo-commit-template

Then, set the commit template like this:

$ sudo hippo config commit.template /etc/hippo-commit-template

3. Flash/Restore configuration

[Ref: git-clone ]

Restore a configuration checked into Hippo onto a new system

hippo clone aldo@remotehost:repo