Web Server

Why use OpenBSD as your web platform?

Why would you want to use OpenBSD as your web platform?

  1. It works
  2. It’s easy to maintain

Admittedly, some of the neat Open Source Web Environments out there just don’t play as well in OpenBSD (if it does work) as they do on other systems.

I find that maintainability of the base OS and the web resources is a significant cost in time and resources for us, so whenever we can find things that work well in OpenBSD, we choose OpenBSD.

OpenBSD provides packages for various Web Servers from the standards

To lower profile servers

OpenBSD versions prior to 5.4 had customised builds, patches to Apache 1.3.

OpenBSD’s goal is a functional base system, and a web server is included in their definition. As such, OpenBSD was initially available with Apache 1.x in the base but now provides Nginx nginx(8).