Communications Systems

Communication Services

Communication Services on the Internet include the perennial Web Presence, as well as the mundane Mail Service to Secured Virtual Private Networks (VPN) over the Public Internet. But the Internet is a wild ‘dangerous’ place and OpenBSD is a great platform for securing communication resources.

OpenBSD is at the forefront of standardising security focused methodologies of whole-system development. The most public communications tool from this effort has been the OpenSSH Project. We reference some useful notes here, together with notes on other mechanisms for securing communciations such as:


Instant Messaging is an enabling tool for immediate communications between your clients/staff.


Once you install your basic mail server, you find there are various deployment options, such as Proxy Servers and sites using Virtual User Accounts (both using Postfix) :

Voice Over IP

The office phone system is both a complex and expensive system, but the continued evolution of general computing hardware includes open source software that allows us to use computers and our data network for supporting voice/telephony.

Using your data network for Voice/Telephone VoIP Voice Over IP communications has a number of advantages, not only in the cost of calls, but the cost of infrastructure deployment.

Asterisk is a well known Software PBX solution in this space. Matching it with OpenBSD let’s us deploy a low cost, flexible telephony solution. The minimal features of answering, making phone calls are easy to put together, and digging deeper you can build quite complex solutions.

We continue to expand our Asterisk deployments and hope these notes can help you along the way.

VPN using OpenVPN


Connecting to the World Wide Web?