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These notes evolved from offline requirements for underfunded secondary school (intra|inter)net computer services. We couldn’t afford licensing for “modern” Microsoft or Apple services, few schools have funds for quality staff, let alone hardware or software. With this problem in mind, we trialled various tools in the hope to provide an exciting learning environment while restraining the cost blow-outs from new hardware and unnecessary software licenses.

Cost-effective Quality.

We selected OpenBSD which did not have the [rich breadth of documentation]( title = “also known as: HOWTOs such as the Linux Documentation Project, the FreeBSD Handbook, or everyone misguided instruction by bloggers, mailing list.”) Linux or FreeBSD and with our limited Internet connectivity we struggled for information/documentation on establishing services, and providing a consistent build/maintenance process. These notes evolved as a record of how we got things going, so we could replicate the effort between schools, and organisations in the island Kingdom of Tonga.

Life changes and the hobby became a job and then the job became something away from the hobby. Content was updated, became out of date, became more out of date.


I’m still not actively involved in OpenBSD deployments, but we really do enjoy using it and hope this reinvigoration of the publishing platform (from: HTML to …. to hugo) will enable more relevant/frequent updates.


Once we’ve gone past, hopefully there will be time to let you know how we’ve gone?

Meanwhile, you’re advised to follow the OpenBSD project at: